Duke commit Grayson Allen has, once again, shaken the internet with a pulse pounding, rim rocking dunk over four 6'8" guys on his way to a dunk contest victory in Myrtle Beach. Just like last time...yawn.

Last week we featured Allen in a high school dunk contest that was nicely edited and had everyone buzzing about "the best dunk contest ever". Whatever.   Last week's blog.


Just like last time, I'm not going to sit here in my basement and say that I'm not in the least bit impressed...I am. I couldn't do what this kid is doing. For a high school kid this is incredibly impressive, but don't be calling him the best dunker in the game right now. Vince Carter dunked over a 7-footer...in a game. These squids in the lineup were only 6"8".

And don't give me the "but there was four of them" argument either. The most difficult part of this dunk is getting up to get over the height. Once you are up there you can certainly stay up there for a foot of distance...especially when you use your hand to get up over the first guy. That's right, he cheated...watch it again.

He'll have to step it up next year if he wants to complete in the college dunk-offs. 

One thing is for sure...he CAN jump.