I don’t know if I’m too young or too old, but I enjoy golf on Instagram more than any other form of golf.  I’m admittedly an awful golfer and like many people stopped paying close attention to golf when Tiger stopped being Tiger.  What I always enjoyed about golf was that one special shot a round, grading on a scale.  It always kept me going back.  But on Instagram golf is always fun shots.

Golf social media star Paige Spiranac has found a niche being a beautiful golfer that performs awesome trick shots on Instagram, it’s proven to be a great formula.  Spiranac, who is currently ranked 1093 isn’t going to make much of a living on the tour, but found a way to make it work and keep the dream alive.

Playing in what I hope is her home, no way a landlord would approve of this shot, she chips the ball off the wall onto a cup sitting on a ledge.  Like most trick shots we only see the ‘money shot’ and I’m fine with that.  Granted, her celebration was kinda weak.  Maybe it's genuine surprise.

Long live Instagram golf!!!

And because why not?

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