Genie Bouchard is a 22-year-old Canadian tennis player that at one point was one of the up and coming stars of the sport. At one time she was ranked in the top 5, making it to the semi-finals of the French and Australian Opens and the finals of Wimbledon. Currently she’s ranked 51st in the world as injuries and poor form have plagued the star the last two seasons. While things on the court haven’t been so great her social media game is aces.

This year for Halloween she drew her inspiration from another star of social media, Kim Kardashian. More specifically, that time Kim tried to break the internet with a nude Instagram post. Bouchard even had the necessary Kardashian enhancements to pull off the inspired costume.

This isn’t the first time the tennis star has delivered an A+ costume on Halloween, last year she dressed up as Bowser from Mario Kart, with a spiky bikini.

Bouchard even shared some pics of women who dressed up as her for Halloween, which I’m sure made her Nike sponsors very happy.

Genie Bouchard’s a very worthy Instagram follow and we here at RedZone are happy to be one of the over 1.1 million she already has.

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