This video comes to us from a Japanese variety show and features former Japanese professional baseball player Takeshi Yamasaki  trying to make contact against a pitching machine throwing over 300 kilometers per hour (over 190 MPH).

This juiced up pitching machine is basically a baseball gun. It uses concentrated air pressure to fire a baseball faster than anything anyone has ever seen before. 

My first reaction to seeing this was, "Not in this f***ing lifetime!"  I fancy myself a pretty good hitter and I have faced many different styles of pitching machines in my time on the practice field. The one thing that I have learned is that pitching machines have the location consistency of Ricky Vaughn before the horn-rimmed glasses. You get hit with that thing coming at 190 MPH and it's going right through your chest.

Here is the video. It's 100% in Japanese but Yamasaki's reaction are still well worth the price of admission. 

Not a chance. The slow-mo replays are the most impressive part...Yamasaki could barely get his bat moving before the pitch was already past him. 

The batter is no slouch. Takeshi Yamasaki played for 25 years in the Japanese League and racked up 403 career home runs. He may be 45 and a little bit chubbier now, but he proved he could still swat the 100 MPH fastball with his first two pitches.

The video when he tried to bunt with his final pitch was couldn't even see the baseball as it whizzed past the plate.

My Japanese is a little bit rusty (non-existent) but I believe his quote at the end was:

"300 kilometers per hour is fast...very fast."

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