The NESN broadcast team for the Boston Bruins may be the most biased group in professional sports, but even they had to laugh at this ridiculous penalty call against the Washington Capitals.

In the second period of their contest this weekend, Nicklas Backstrom of the Caps was whistled for a phantom slash after Zdeno Chara protested to the referee.

These composite sticks that are used in the NHL are fragile as glass, and it appears that the giant Chara just leaned on his a little too hard causing it to crumble in his hands. The crazy part about the whole thing is that the ref had no intention of calling a penalty until Chara said something to the him.

He must have told the ref that he was going to choke-slam him through the ice if he didn't shoot his arm in the air and make the slashing call.

Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley seemed to enjoy it though.