Few things make fans and players act as foolish as international competition, there’s something about getting wrapped in the flag that causes the part of the brain in control of rational behaviour to shut down. We’ve seen it happen countless times, not in every athlete but it happens.

The latest example of an adult behaving in ways to bring shame to his family and country comes from World Cup qualifier between Bosnia-Herzegovina and Greece. With Bosnia leading 1-0, Edin Dzeko hit the deck and held the ball to slow up play. Greece centre back Sokratis Papastathopoulos managed to get the ball away and tried to get the game moving.

That’s when things got weird.

At first Dzeko grabbed Papastathopoulos’s legs and hung onto them for dear life. Then, when that didn’t slow Papastathopoulos down enough, Dzeko decided to just go ahead and pull the mans shorts down.

I’m not suggesting this is the first time a tactic like this has occurred, but this is a World Cup qualifying match. This is suppose to be the apex of the sport. Dzeko, who is also the captain of his International squad was sent off right away.

When asked about what happened the Roma forward said:

The game ended in a draw as Greece snatched a late equalizing goal.

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