Golf is the great equalizer in life. It doesn't matter if you're a blazing hot, super-rich, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model or a schlub sitting on the couch, watching the U.S. Open, and blogging about stupid viral sports content. We all suck at golf at some point and we all profess our hatred for the game in some form or another.

Nina Agdal is a big fan of the game. She went viral last year just for simply swinging a golf club and looking cute. This time she's going viral for cursing like a trucker and slamming her club down on the turf like a commoner...somehow this makes her appear even more cute.

Bringing my Aries game tomorrow, watch out @irie! @iriefoundation cant wait for @irieweekend #IWXI ⛳️

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I'm not a course abuser, but I'm a big-time swearer on the golf course. If I three putt from 30 feet or double-cross a tee shot you will definitely hear me from three holes over. I'm a quiet person in life, but the golf course brings out the animal in all of us. It's a country club sport that frustrates you to the point of becoming an annoying savage.

It's good to know that we're not alone, though. 

Here's some more Nina to make your day better:

Too far. The ball never listens to me.

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