The NHL season started sometime last week, I admit, I don’t pay close attention to hockey until the World Series is over or to be really honest until the Stanley Cup playoffs start. However, Capitals’ Dmitry Orlov made everyone stand up and take notice when he sent Avalanche forward Matt Duchene flying in the air with an old fashioned hip check.

There’s a good and bad side of all this for Duchene, on the plus side he almost landed on his feet, which would have been an all-time highlight. The bad side was he didn’t land on his feet and now will see himself getting flipped on highlight reels until the end of the season.

The hit at first looks terrifying, because a human body flipping in the air and landing on ice is simply terrifying. But once you see the clip a second time you see that he lands safely, as safe as someone can in that situation and skated away seamlessly, which is always great to see. 

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