After being involved in a pair of violent incidents over the weekend, the NBA has been put on notice that Detroit Pistons mascot Hooper isn't going to take it anymore.

On Friday night Hooper was attacked by virtually the entire Brooklyn Nets roster during pre-game warm-ups. The unconsious animal (cow?, horse? mule? What in the heck is he?) had to be dragged off the court but later got some revenge by shooting Andray Blatche in the face.

On Sunday, he was taunting Robin Lopez if the Portland Trail Blazers with a Sideshow Bob-esque wig when he was viciously taken to the floor by the Robert Terwilliger look-alike and had the hair ripped right off his head.

These violent incidents against the mascots of the league are something the the commissioner's office has been desperately trying to curb, but it appears as though some extra attention (and security) will have to be paid to the city of Detroit in the future.

Stay strong Hooper.