Usually, having a player mic'd up is one of the most fun things in sports. There’s an insight that fans don’t get in a standard broadcast. You get an inside look at the sounds and emotions of players while they play the game they love. What they're feeling, how they react and what they're saying on and off the field during game day.

Part of the joy of NFL Films having players wired for sound is we get instant and unfiltered reactions - good and bad.

NFL Films released footage from the weekend of a mic’d up Derek Carr.

In what’s always a cruel sport, Carr’s injury is heartbreaking on for a laundry list of reasons. Say what you will about Raiders fans, but they love their team. And for the first time since 2002 the Raiders are in the playoffs. With until last Saturday aspirations of a deep playoff run. Add that to owners Mark Davis attempts to move the team out of Oakland and it only adds to how crushing Carr’s season ending injury is for the franchise and their fan base.

The footage really starts to hurt right after Carr got sacked, he repeatedly says “it’s broke” to his teammates. From there, Carr got carried off the field, but not until he reassured all of his teammates that he loved them and told his replacement, Matt McGloin, to “finish it off.” It’s pretty amazing how composed he remained after breaking his leg and that it ruined his chance to lead his team to the Super Bowl, for at least this year.

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