Hockey has a love/hate relationship with fighting, it remains the only major team sport that allows fighting under certain circumstances. There’s a pretty well documented unwritten rule that two players have to be willing to fight for something to go down.

Unless your KHL player Damir Ryspayev and part of your brain stops working and you just want to fight everyone. And to be clear he tried to fight everyone wearing an opponents jersey. He single-handedly tried to fight an entire Russian hockey team, that’s next level crazy. In no way can that ever be a good idea, regardless of how you feel about hockey, you can’t accuse the players of not being tough.

A little history on Ryspayev, in his KHL career which currently stands at 23 games he has 194 penalty minutes and zero points. Just three minutes into a recent game, he snapped. Rysapayev sucker punches one player and chases after other guys that have little to no-interest in fighting and than goes after the bench. You gotta think this is the last time anyone pays him to play hockey, no league can allow a player that clearly is just out trying to hurt people.

After whatever the hell that was, the league chose to cancel the game.

Generally, that is the strangest fight your going to see. But not in the KHL where things seem to have adopted a beer league approach. This fight consisted of two coaches during the intermission of a pre-season game. Two grown men, possibly old enough to have grandchildren are fighting during the intermission of a preseason game. The KHL is magic.

During my mini dive into the world of KHL hockey, I also learned that you can go to HC Sochi and get shaved with a hockey skate. Which sounds like something a hockey diehard would love to do.

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