NSFW? Perhaps, but funny.

Isn't he cute. The Chicago Cubs revealed their first ever mascot this week in an effort to get kids and families interested in the team. While reporting on the story, CSN Mid-Atlantic aired a hilarious version of 'Clark' in all his glory. 

The majority of the internet hates this new Cubs' mascot. I, for one, understand what they are trying to do. The Cubs are nearing the end of a major organizational overhaul. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and they are just trying to get the younger generation on board with a team that could be really good for a really long time.

My opinion about 'Clark the Cub' isn't really what this blog is about, however. 

Deadspin.com published a graphic photo of the pantless Cubs' mascot earlier in the week. For some reason, the person who picked the graphic to be aired on Comcast SportsNet decided to use the nasty (yet hilarious) image of 'Clark'.

"He can't wait to interact with the kids."

H/T - Deadspin

...and also, hat tip to 'Clark the Cub' who really should be proud.