The Boston Red Sox won the World Series in 2013 which means they get to visit the White House on Tuesday, meet President Obama, and do some charity stuff. Well, they revealed the jackets they will be wearing for their presidential photo. Interesting.

I understand that this is the shtick in Boston. Baseball is a fun game and, by-all-means, have fun while you are at the ballpark...but this is a White House visit. The beards and "cowboy-up" garbage is fine for your job as a ball player, but not for meeting the President. Look like a professional...put on a suit.

I'm sure I'm making too much of this, but it's my opinion. And surprise...this whole thing was, apparently, the brain-child of Jonny Gomes. There is no bigger attention seeker in baseball. He, however, always seems to get that attention which boggles my mind considering he is a marginal part-time player with a career average below .250.

Oh yeah, they ordered an extra jacket for someone else to wear on the big day:

I'm sure everyone will have a big smile next Tuesday when all of this goes down. President Obama will wear his stars-and-stripes jacket and the news/sports media will pick up the story and talk about how refreshing it is for a team to always have so much fun. Meanwhile, behind closed doors at the White House they are going to be talking about how disrespectful the whole act was. 

I picture the beards and the jackets together and the only thing I can think about is Willie from 'Duck Dynasty'.

End of rant.