The Cape Breton Screaming Eagles thought it would be a great idea to run a double promotion where they give a pair of fans a chance to win either $10,000 or a new Ford F-150. Well, their impossible shots turned out to be not so impossible.

First, Karie Shaw, of Glace Bay, Nova Scotia won $10,000 by nailing a shot from center ice through a 3.25" hole.

after, Megan Laffin of Florence, Nova Scotia made a nearly impossible
shot from corner face off dot to opposite face off dot to win a Ford

We've all seen video of people making the shots through the mini holes to win prizes...good on Miss Shaw. But the second shot, by Miss Laffin, is the craziest thing I've ever seen. Obviously, she looks like she just smacked away at the puck and got lucky, but the odds of landing a puck right on the opposite face-off dot is staggering.

This is about the equivalent of going to a giant Walmart parking lot, standing in one corner, picking a single parking space on the opposite corner of the lot, rolling a baseball across the pavement, and having it come to a stop right in the parking space that you selected.

I'm sure the sponsors are insured for the losses...but they will, most likely, think long and hard before sponsoring this junior hockey team again. Hockey snipers can be found everywhere in Canada.