The Oakland Raiders faced off against the Chargers in San Diego on Sunday, and beyond the Raiders fans that traveled to watch their team win, nobody got more excitement than this Chargers security guard.

During the game, a fan in the stands noticed one of the Qualcomm Stadium security staffers on the field with his hand suspiciously moving in his pants. There’s no real way to explain it, I’d try and give him the benefit of the doubt if he was a security guard at Lambeau on Sunday and it was so cold decals were falling off helmets and he was digging around to get a better hand on his pocket warmer (Yes, people that live in warm areas they are a real thing). That doesn’t really fly in southern California.

It’s pretty clear he was playing pocket pool in broad daylight standing on the sidelines of an NFL game on a Sunday afternoon looking at Chargers cheerleaders.

The Chargers and Elite Security have gone and record and issued statements to Deadspin apologizing for the ‘disturbing actions’ of their employee.

Statement from Elite Security:

Elite has become aware of the social media post of inappropriate actions of an Elite staff member at Qualcomm Stadium on December 18th. Elite has employed thousands of people over the past 21 years, insists on the highest moral standards from our employees and regrets this isolated incident. Elite is currently investigating the incident and has no additional comment at this time.

Statement from the San Diego Chargers:

We are aware of the disturbing actions of an Elite security staff member at Sunday’s game. We apologize to any fans who may have witnessed the incident. Elite Security is currently investigating the incident and has vowed to take immediate and appropriate action.

TMZ is reporting the employee has been fired.

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