The Atlanta Braves revealed several renderings of their upcoming Cobb County stadium project. "Suck" is a strong word, but there certainly isn't anything too compelling about the actual baseball stadium.

Cobb County tax-payers will be paying for approximately half of the $700 million project that will be located in the middle of nowhere-town, Georgia. Officials are claiming that putting the ballpark out in the country will capitalize on both the Atlanta and Buckhead markets.

The fact that the tax-payers didn't get a say in whether or not they want to pay to build this new mini-community doesn't seem to matter. The fact that they didn't get any say into the design and/or location of the facility is interesting, however.

The mini-community out in the boonies will be complete with condo living-space for 500 residents, shopping, restaurants, and hotel rooms. Officials claim that the new "main street" will attract traffic year round. Yeah right...I'm sure people will want to drive all the way out there to overpay at 'American Apparel' or 'The Nike Store'. No thanks.

As for the actual ballpark, there is nothing overly compelling to really get fans excited about moving to a new space. The team is leaving a 20-year old stadium with seemingly no issues into a shiny new stadium with, what appears to be, the same character qualities as Turner Field.

Not to say that all new stadiums need to have a ridiculous hill with a flag pole in center field, but they should at least have something that makes the fan experience unique. 

The current trend in sports is the waterfront experience which they appear to be trying to re-create with what looks like a reflecting pool outside the stadium in center field. Not too sure that will work based on how far away from home plate the water appears to be located.

We'll see if this cookie-cutter approach to the new ballpark holds up or if the designers are forced back to the drawing-board by public opinion.