Brandon Phillips of the Cincinnati Reds plays the game with a smile on his face every day (unless he's brawling with the Cardinals, of course). Some baseball fans don't appreciate his friendliness, but what he did on Thursday night should be admired by all.

Polarizing would be correct word to describe the baseball world's affection for Phillips. Some old-school curmudgeons don't like the fact that he (and other smilers like Nick Swisher) doesn't appear to be taking his job serious enough. The simple fact is, these athletes are getting payed millions of dollars to play a kids game. They should have fun doing it...I know I would.

On Thursday night in Pittsburgh, Brandon Phillips was, as usual, having fun on the ball field when a couple of drunk hecklers started giving it to him unmercifully about being old and feeble. Phillips heard the heckling from his position at second base and, of course, had a chuckle.

It's what Phillips did next that will gain him hundreds of new fans across the league.

First, he took a selfie with the drunk hecklers:

Later in the game the drunk fans received another gift from "Dat Dude"

Dear Drunk Guy, Thank You 4 All The Love & Support!! Now Take This Ball And Shut The Phuck Up!! :)

From Yours Truly,
Brandon Phillips #4
"Dat Dude"

It was all meant in good fun and he clearly realized that the two fans had a good sense of humor and would appreciate the gesture. Judging by the guys reaction on Reddit...he was right.

Golf clap, Mr. Dude.

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