During last night’s game between the Chicago Blackhawks and Florida Panthers, a couple got so turned on by the on-ice action that is professional hockey they broke into their own game of tonsil hockey behind the Chicago bench.

Television cameras caught the couple (I’m guessing new couple) in an intense makeout session over the shoulder of Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville.

Isn’t young love grand. I wonder if the pair would have reacted differently if they would have known they were being aired on TV. It isn’t everyday grownups get caught in such an epic makeout session in a public venue.

Let this be a lesson to all the young men out there, forget the flowers, chocolates and expensive gestures of passion. Learn from this wise, bald Blackhawks fan, take your ladies to NHL games. That’s where the magic happens.

Not to be Debbie Downer, but I really hope these two are in a monogamous relationship. If only because if one of them is simply a side piece there will be some awkward questions that will require answers.

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