Is it possible that we got our baseball play-of-the-year on opening day of Spring Training? Josh Reddick of the Oakland A's went over the wall and took a home run away from Michael Morse of the Giants...then later in the game he did the exact same thing.

It's remarkable to even be put into this situation where the ball is hit to, essentially, the exact same location, by the same hitter, in back-to-back at bats. But, to be able to make the amazing catches over a 10-foot outfield wall is even more eye popping.

The first catch was, obviously, the most impressive. Reddick had to reach back a bit and stretch it out for full extension. A thing of beauty...but the situation that he had with getting a second chance to rob Morse will earn him major points in the play-of-the-year race.

Morse was pretty good with the whole situation.

Here are both grabs on split-screen (poor quality):