Khloe Terae is South Africa’s 2014 Playmate of the Year and I’m guessing ex-girlfriend of Buffalo Sabres winger Evander Kane. Ex-girlfriend being the key term, my evidence of the end of their union is an Instagram post from Khloe. Terez Owens took a screenshot of the post before she deleted it.

Athletes cheating on their girlfriends is nothing new, but there seems to a rash of playmates getting cheated on and putting their former beau’s on blast over Instagram. Earlier this month, Kennedy Summers blasted her boyfriend Utah Jazz big man Jeff Withey.

I don’t understand why these playmates are dating athletes that play in such crappy markets. Who wants to travel to Buffalo in the winter for leisure time? That is the greatest mystery to me about all this.

It’s a tricky situation in 2016 to an athlete or anyone with a type of celebrity that lends itself to being viewed as a conquest. People have been throwing themselves at celebrities for generations for various different reasons. Celebrities have to be on guard all the time. It isn’t just lovely young ladies that want a hook up, its people that want them for a business venture or just want to be close to an athlete for selfish social reasons. There’s always people grabbing at them.

I’m not condoning the poor behavior, I think we can all agree cheating on your spouse is a bad look. Just saying, that it can’t always be easy to take the moral high ground when presented with these types of options. Sure, saying you will is easy. But lets take Khloe Terae as an example... how many people are telling her to bounce if she climbs into their DM’s.

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