Chrissy Teigen threw out the first pitch at last night’s Dodgers game and won our hearts with a pre-game tweet.

In the wake of 50 Cent’s shameful performance the bar for celebrity first pitches has never been lower. I’m sure he hopes someone walks up and completely flubs it so we can begin to associate someone else with the worst ceremonial first pitch. Maybe, a drunk Sports Illustrated swimsuit model could be the one. 

Pfffff... wow, golf clap for Chrissy Teigen. Very respectable performance. I’m not suggesting she quit her day job or anything, but that was a better showing than some professional athletes - I’m looking at you John Wall.

Teign documented her process on social media, she was seen practicing, rehearsing her post-pitch celebration and the story behind her nickname.  

Ok, baseball fans let's all cheer for Chrissy.

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