A wise man once said - Look, if you had, one shot, or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted. In one moment, Would you capture it, or just let it slip?

With that mind I present this drunken Celtics fan who found himself sitting behind ESPN’s Hubie Brown and Dave Pasch during an NBA preseason game. It was his moment to be on a live ESPN broadcast and how do he handle it? He just sat there, sipping on his beer and letting it ooze out of his mouth as his friend covers his own mouth pretending to tell him something important.

This is why those lower section seats are reserved for people with too much money and don’t even like basketball, that just want to be seen. Regular folk just can’t be trusted to behave. If these were company seats this guy is going to get a lot of dirty looks in the office today.

Why are all these fans wasting beer lately? Obviously this is hilarious and one of the best video bombs of all-time, but this is such a waste of resources. Sure, he got the desired response and got some laughs, but he wasted beer and had to sit there the remainders of the game in a wet shirt smelling like Barney Gumble. Maybe, I should just appreciate his self sacrifice he put himself through for my entertainment and not think so much about it.

Best part of this, not only does he get to vote on the future president, he might be as qualified as some of the people running.


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