The Zurich Classic of New Orleans has, what most of us would consider, a real gator problem. PGA Tour pro, and LSU grad, John Peterson doesn't see them as much of a problem.

On Friday, Peterson got a little bit impatient and decided to take matters into his own hands. As an LSU guy, he's dealt with these nuisance beasts before and knows that waiting for it to just move might take all day...especially when the gator is "guarding" a golf ball. No problem...Super Peterson to the rescue! 

He, literally, just swept the prehistoric beast back into the water like an 80-year old grandmother sweeping a garden spider off her porch. Peterson really might be a super hero. I'd be running the other way and screaming like a five-year old girl the entire time. Imagine being a lefty and trying to settle yourself to hit out of that bunker with a pond full of killer beasts right behind you. No thanks.

The TPC Louisiana hosts this event every year, and every year it seems like their are gator issues. Here's a quick video from the 2013 tourney:

Great line by Nick Faldo in the video. The gators are all about the slow play rule. They are placed there to get guys to speed up. 

I know if I hit my ball into that bunker I would probably just grab my wedge and make a running swing as I sprint through the sand. Hey caddie...rake it for me.

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